Gurteks Group of Companies, which continues on its way with the belief and effort of the first day, started with a small business and came to these days with its work. It was founded in 1970 by Founder and Honorary President Mehmet Hayri OZKAYA.

Gurteks, which has been servicing only the field of textiles for a long time, has started to go line in different business areas that were planned long ago in recent years. In order to contribute to the country’s economy and create new employment areas, Poly Gürteks Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. has been established. Thus, Gurteks Group has reached a position that includes domestic and international companies and creates employment for over 1,500 people.

Gurteks always prioritizes the peace and happiness of its customers, employees, and society, and never takes part in any activity that will not contribute to the country’s economy. It will be in the sectors in which they serve, with their production quality as well as their vision and philosophies. The aim of the company constantly move forward, create new employment opportunities and ensure the economic happiness of more and more people…

As of today, Gurteks’s focused structure and strong capital stock enable it to concentrate its power in a way that allows it to evaluate the opportunities in these areas more effectively.

Also, It is not only content with operating in the economic field but operates on a local and national basis in the fields of sports, cultural and social assistance, and solidarity. However, the Gurteks Fund, which it established within its own structure, guides the activities in which it strives to solve the problems of our people who are in economic distress.

The Gurteks’s corporate structure within its own structure, is managed by a professional administrative staff, both outside the company and within the body, with its expert staff of external consultants, it performs professional work in the fields of law, insurance, and personnel training.

Today, Gurteks is a global brand that is advancing step by step towards the goal of achieving the success it has achieved in its country in the world. Its financial size, its place among world companies, and its high reputation and recognition registered by various international organizations are concrete indicators of this.

Using technology and contemporary management practices effectively at every point of the production-service cycle, Gürteks will continue to create increasing value for all its employees by staying one step ahead of change in the future as it has in the past.

Chairman of the Gurteks