The opening ceremony of the condolence house on behalf of Gülşen Özkaya was held in cooperation with the benevolent Özkaya family. Speaking at the opening, President Şahin reminded that Gaziantep is a special city and said, “The Gaziantep Model offers us an unprecedented understanding in Turkey. We will achieve more business in Gaziantep with the model of doing business together, and we will gradually improve our service quality.”

With the cooperation of the benevolent Özkaya family, the construction of the condolence house to be put into service on behalf of Gülşen Özkaya has been completed. members were present. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Şahin pointed out that Gaziantep has a special place in Turkey and said, “This city has brought an unprecedented understanding to the city with the Gaziantep Model. Thanks to this model, we will achieve more in Gaziantep. We will gradually improve our service quality,” he said. After the speeches, President Şahin and the protocol, who went to the ribbon cutting, toured the house of condolence.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and her team have built a total of 50 condolence houses in various parts of the city since she took office in 2014. He realized some of them as the Metropolitan Municipality and some of them in cooperation with philanthropic business people.


Speaking at the opening of the condolence house, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin commemorated the Özkaya family elders with mercy. Özkaya said that his family brought good children to Gaziantep. Şahin said, “Death is the biggest lesson for us. Last year was our year of sadness. I was really reluctant to receive information about death news. It was a year of sadness. The epidemic has separated our relatives, loved ones and lives from us. In some families, of course, this was more severe, just as it was experienced in the Özkaya family. Both mother and sister passed away. Lord, give me patience. May they rest in peace, may their place be heaven. Therefore, how we live in the lesson to be learned from death is very important. What we leave behind is also very important. Charity and charity is the greatest instruction our faith gives us. What you leave behind before you taste death matters a lot. What we do for humanity is of great importance. We must give life its due. We need to leave the doors of prayer open. This city is a special city. Gaziantep Model offers us an unprecedented understanding in Turkey. This model does not have many ild-e. In our tradition, joy increases when shared, and pain decreases when shared. Praise be to our philanthropic families who give great support to this city. God bless each and every one of them,” he said.


Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, who started his speech by thanking the benevolent Özkaya family for their benevolence, said: “There are many families in Gaziantep, especially Özkaya family, in the name of philanthropy. May Allah increase their numbers. May Allah not let us experience their shortcomings. Of course, there is the responsibility of possibility and power. You have to pay tax on the money you earn. It is necessary to give the right to the worker who is instrumental in the money earned. You have to give your zakat. This is how we have to be loyal to our zakat, just as we have a debt when buying goods and how loyal we are. We need to give the rights of family members, and lastly, we need to be aware of social responsibility. Thankfully, most of the industrialists in Gazi, especially the Özkaya family in Gaziantep, pay attention to all these conditions.”

Gaziantep Nationalist Movement Party Deputy Sermet Atay stated that the condolence house, which was opened, has a special importance for him and said, “My childhood was spent in this neighborhood. In 1970, we moved to this district of the city, which is called the most exceptional. We lived here until 2010. I have a friendship with the Özkaya family for more than 30 years. See you family. I am a person who kissed the hand of Özkaya family elders and received their blessings. That’s why I’m proud to be at this opening.”

Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, another person who made his speeches before the condolence opening, said that there is no other example of the works carried out in the field of local municipality in Gaziantep as well as infrastructure municipality, and he thanked many benevolent families, especially the benevolent Özkaya family. .

Philanthropist Nurettin Özkaya also talked about the establishment of GÜRTEKS company and the commercial and moral attitude of the late family elders who were the founders of the company. Expressing that they take the moral values ​​of their elders as an example, Özkaya said that they learned a lot about philanthropy.

After the program, the protocol had a photo taken in front of the condolence house to commemorate the day.

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