Hi; Gürteks Group of Companies that started out as a small workshop established by our Founder and Honorary President Mehmet Hayri ÖZKAYA in the year of 1970 came to these days with its successful achievements and continues to climb up the success ladder with the same belief and determination of the very first day…

Gürteks, which has conducted business only in the field of textile for a long time, recently began conducting business in different branches of business that has been planned to be done previously. In this context, whether to contribute to the country’s economy or constitute new fields of employment, it established the Gürteks Home Textile Industry and Trade Corporation. Therefore, on the national and world wide scale Gürteks Group reached to a position of being recognized as a group that maintains many companies under one roof and provides employment to approximately 2.000 people.

Gürteks that keeps the peace and happiness of its clients, employees and community always in the forefront, places significant amount of importance onto not carrying out any business activities which will not contribute to country’s economy. Gürteks Group of companies, whether with the production quality or vision and philosophy, is going to be determinant in the sectors that it conducts business in. Our goal is continuous progress, form new fields of employment each day and ensure economic happiness of more people. The focused structure and powerful equity that the Gürteks reached as of today enables it to focus its power in a way to make possible of the evaluation of the opportunities in these fields more effectively. And it also makes it more resistant against various risks.

Gürteks is not satisfied with just being active in the field of economy; it also serves locally and nationally in the fields of sportive, cultural and social assistance and cooperation. As well as making an effort to be grains of remedy to the struggles of people who are in economic distress with Gürteks Fund it established to include into the organization and it provides guidance to the activities of Deniz Feneri Association in our region.

Gürteks, which shows effort to be in all types of sportive activity and especially be supportive of the football clubs, is also in an unselfish study in this field. Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Company, Metin ÖZKAYA, has been carrying out the duties of membership and Vice Presidency of the Board of Directors of Gaziantepspor, which is one of the successful teams of Turkcell Super League for the past two years.

Once again the member of our Board of Directors, Nurettin ÖZKAYA, is fulfilling the service of membership and 2nd Presidency of the Board of Directors in Gaziantep Municipality Sport from the Bank Asya 1st League teams with success. Gürteks is being managed by a completely professional administrative staff with its corporate structure within the organization and it displays professional work on the subjects of law, insurance and personnel training with its staff of expert consultants outside of company yet within the organization.

Gürteks today is a world player, who is nearing its target to obtain the same success it achieved in its own country in world with the each step it takes. Whether the place it acquired among the world companies with its financial size or its considerable reputation and recognition that has been registered by various international institutions are the concrete indicators of this.

Gürteks, which uses the practices of technology and modern management in every point of production-service cycle effectively, will continue to create increasing value for all its employees by going one step ahead of change in the future as it did in the past.

Yusuf Ömer ÖZKAYA